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I'm Kierra

Nice to meet you! A few things about me:

  • ​Love to be creative

  • ​Wife & Mother to three

  • Manifesting generator, always have new ideas flowing

  • Love giving gifts & spoiling friends and family

  • One of those moms who gets full makeup + hair + cute outfit every day

  • Hates cleaning but loves a clean house

  • Probably getting dinner door-dashed right now

  • ​Always have music playing (probably Taylor Swift)

  • Traffic turns me into the worst version of myself

  • Unapologetically love social media

  • ​Only gets on Instagram for the memes

The Mission

To simplify selling digital products online for go- getters who enjoy step by step, click by click, instruction + done-for-you templates!

"The course was even better than I'd hoped."

"I took a gamble and bought the course because the pins/tiktoks I had seen had some great tips. My gamble paid off! The course was even better than I'd hoped. So much valuable information packed into each section and really clearly presented. SEO has always seemed like an enigma to me, I've tried my best but still seemed unable to crack it! The SEO information in this course makes so much sense and I now have a clear formula going forward. Also, having not sold digital products before, the section on how to deal with customer FAQ's was invaluable as that was something I was concerned about. If your unsure about taking this course I'd say don't hesitate!" - Course Member

"Very helpful and well worth the time"

"Very helpful and well worth the time. I enjoyed the "how to" instruction, but I found that information when applied with Kierra's practical experience and tips was extra valuable. I liked how things were laid out logically and in bite size chunks, not overwhelming, and lots of written reference materials for review and templates were available. It was important that there were updates to the materials. Good job."

- Course Member

"Totally beginner friendly and

100% recommend :)"

"It's been some time now since I've purchased the course. Not only was it super easy for me to fly though the course due to how informative and easy-to-understand each topic was BUT Kierra had released a replay of a masterclass that was mind-blowing! After taking in all that additional information, I felt confident in starting my shop. As I was referring back to the PDFs and Course Ebook provided from the course, I was amazed at how detailed and helpful the information was. All the questions that I was asking myself was found inside the Ebook +more! Totally beginner friendly and 100% recommend :) Thank you Kierra for all the resources! Keep crushing it! - Course Member









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Etsy changes it's algorithm?!

May 18, 20223 min read

Guys. Etsy just pulled an algorithm makeover on us and I'm not trying to be dramatic but its full princess diaries transformation level.

Etsy right now:

Etsy Update

mega-pint changes to the algorithm update ⚡️

Like every other exhausted slave to the algorithm on every single platform I was like objection. Why another change. Why now.

But this is actually really good news because it gives us more opportunity to show up to in search and get sales 💰 which is better than happy hour IMO.

Etsy Changes

Here's the details:

✅ Etsy will now include phrases in your description as part of your ranking in search (this gives you another opportunity to add your SEO)

✅ The first sentence(s) of your description are the most important

❌ They don't want copy and pasted titles into descriptions

✅ They want 'human-like' phrases that represent your brand voice

(You can watch my video break down of it here as well)

Is it a bird?🐥 Is it a plane? ✈️ No its more Tiktok updates 🙃

Tiktok is not slowing down on those new updates any time soon. Here's whats new.

Time watched timer is now displayed on the top right of the video

🔎 The search tab has been replaced with a friends tab which honestly is rude because I only make tiktoks for strangers on the internet. I'm not out here trying to accidentally connect my entire contact list to the 'tok. Which literally almost happened this morning.

Lets stay besties.

TikTok bots have been suspending accounts left and right (seriously no one is safe!) I've talked to people who are getting accounts taken down with millions of followers.

So just in case I created a backup account;

👉👉 You can follow here just in case!

What do Taylor Swift and this digital product have in common? 🎓

Sorry Taylor can't come to the phone 📞 right now...cuz she's freaking GRADUATING!

From what?

> She received a Doctorate of Fine Arts Honoris Causa from NYU!


The queen of hidden easter eggs has surprised us again so I can't wait to see whats coming from her next 👀

👉Speaking of graduating; graduation announcements are selling like hotcakes on Etsy right now! Check the bestsellers bestie.

Etsy Graduation Announcements

Most of the listings running a sale are also bestsellers too btw.

⚡️ There are a lot of good SEO terms that aren't too competitive as well, I recommend using Marmalead to research them! 🤓 (view below!)

🔎 If you're not sure what Marmalead is, it's a keyword research search tool that literally is my secret weapon to selling winning products on Etsy. 10/10 recommend.

You can sign up for free here

Etsy hunt discount code ⚡️

I've been using Etsy Hunt to find new products and see whats currently trending as well as upcoming trends.

👉See it in action here

They reached out and gave me a discount code for you so use code THEFASTTRACKGIRL to get 10% off your subscription.

Whoa 🥰

Shout out to my amazing fast-tracker student who submitted this review today! Seriously made my morning!!

The Fast Track Girl Review Rating

⭐️ I
won't leave you out of the loop, see what my passive income training is all about here

Live Etsy Audit Alert 🤳🏻

⚡️Tune into my Tiktok live Thursday Night 8PM PST for some LIVE Etsy Audits!

And an extra reminder: Your track record for getting through hard things is 100%. Keep going. You got this.

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Etsy Algorithm
Kierra, know as 'The Fast Track Girl' in her online communities; is helping women stay updated on all things digital products! When it comes to building a passive income on Etsy, Kierra is among the top authorities women look to!

Kierra Butcher | The Fast Track Girl

Kierra, know as 'The Fast Track Girl' in her online communities; is helping women stay updated on all things digital products! When it comes to building a passive income on Etsy, Kierra is among the top authorities women look to!

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