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"This is exactly what I needed. This course breaks things down into small segments that makes it very easy to digest and implement. Thank you!"

- Course Member


  • Stop guessing about what will ACTUALLY sell with our product recommendation guide

  • Spend less time trying to figure out how to use Canva to create Templates with our step-by step Canva introduction guide to walk you through!

  • Don't leave your Etsy listings working against you, learn how to correctly list your products so they get the attention they deserve!

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I'm Kierra

Nice to meet you! A few things about me:

  • ​Love to be creative

  • ​Wife & Mother to three

  • Manifesting generator, always have new ideas flowing

  • Love giving gifts & spoiling friends and family

  • One of those moms who gets full makeup + hair + cute outfit every day

  • Hates cleaning but loves a clean house

  • Probably getting dinner door-dashed right now

  • ​Always have music playing (probably Taylor Swift)

  • Traffic turns me into the worst version of myself

  • Unapologetically love social media

  • ​Only gets on Instagram for the memes

The Mission

To simplify selling digital products online for go- getters who enjoy step by step, click by click, instruction + done-for-you templates!

"The course was even better than I'd hoped."

"I took a gamble and bought the course because the pins/tiktoks I had seen had some great tips. My gamble paid off! The course was even better than I'd hoped. So much valuable information packed into each section and really clearly presented. SEO has always seemed like an enigma to me, I've tried my best but still seemed unable to crack it! The SEO information in this course makes so much sense and I now have a clear formula going forward. Also, having not sold digital products before, the section on how to deal with customer FAQ's was invaluable as that was something I was concerned about. If your unsure about taking this course I'd say don't hesitate!" - Course Member

"Very helpful and well worth the time"

"Very helpful and well worth the time. I enjoyed the "how to" instruction, but I found that information when applied with Kierra's practical experience and tips was extra valuable. I liked how things were laid out logically and in bite size chunks, not overwhelming, and lots of written reference materials for review and templates were available. It was important that there were updates to the materials. Good job."

- Course Member

"Totally beginner friendly and

100% recommend :)"

"It's been some time now since I've purchased the course. Not only was it super easy for me to fly though the course due to how informative and easy-to-understand each topic was BUT Kierra had released a replay of a masterclass that was mind-blowing! After taking in all that additional information, I felt confident in starting my shop. As I was referring back to the PDFs and Course Ebook provided from the course, I was amazed at how detailed and helpful the information was. All the questions that I was asking myself was found inside the Ebook +more! Totally beginner friendly and 100% recommend :) Thank you Kierra for all the resources! Keep crushing it! - Course Member









On The Blog

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Pinterest Breaking Up With Etsy?

April 13, 20223 min read

Pinterest is breaking up with Etsy?!

Unfortunately, yes.

Pinterest decided to terminate their direct integration without so much as a press release, blog post, or a well written tweet. I mean even a snap chat story would have been nice. Rude.


I was able to find this vague community manager post on a Pinterest help desk form though:

👉 The rumor is that Pinterest is improving their store front experience to try to compete with Etsy as a place for users to sell their products.

Don't worry though, Etsy isn't going anywhere anytime soon and you can still link your Etsy products to your pins by putting the the link on a standard pin or using a 'product tag' link on your idea pins (mobile only.)

Click here for a video tutorial on that 😎

Etsy Ideas

You want to start selling on Etsy but you don't know what the heck you should choose for a niche?!

Hey now!

I know jumping into a new hustle can leave you feeling like Lizzie McGuire trying to learn how to be a pop star overnight 🎤, but you don't have to sail the ocean for done-for-you ideas! My new complete niche idea eBook inside my course is what dreams are made of 😍

This will make it easy-peasy-lemon-sqeezey 🍋 for you!

For my current course members: Its under the 'Market Research' section :)

If you'd like to access the course click here

The product thats making sellers lots of 💰 💰

If I were just starting my etsy shop today I would probably start with the twitch niche.

Do I know what twitch is?

(I mean besides a short sudden jerky convulsive movement)


Do I know how to make these?

Sure don't. But I'd be willing to learn because I think the profit is there to justify the learning curve :)

I'm going to be working on creating some tutorials on this for you guys too!

Just look 👀 at all that green when I search it on Marmalead 🤯

If you're not sure what Marmalead is, it's a keyword research search tool that literally is my secret weapon to selling winning products on Etsy. 10/10 recommend.

You can sign up for free here

Tiktok giving Instagram a taste of their own medicine?! 🙃


Have you seen them?! Yeah, they're real.

>> When you click on your profile you will now see a little '+' symbol next to your profile photo; when you click the plus you can now add Tiktok stories!

A few things though:

👉 You will only see these in-feed while scrolling your FYP

👉 OR when you go to someones profile and click their profile photo

TikTok The Fast Track Girl

✨What you can expect to see in my stories✨

>> Daily real-talk with Kierra; I'll be talking about all things anxiety, mom life, life hacks, embarrassing origin stories and everything in between.

So be sure to check my stories every day since they disappear 👻 after 24 hours 🕙

A surprise announcement coming soon 👀

Shhhhh.. you guys heard it here first.

I'm launching something big and exciting next week so be sure to keep an eye out 😉

⚡️Also tune into my Tiktok live on Thursday 8PM PST for some Free 3 min Etsy Audits! ⚡️

That's all for today! I hope you have a great rest of your week, you got this!!

Kierra, know as 'The Fast Track Girl' in her online communities; is helping women stay updated on all things digital products! When it comes to building a passive income on Etsy, Kierra is among the top authorities women look to!

Kierra Butcher | The Fast Track Girl

Kierra, know as 'The Fast Track Girl' in her online communities; is helping women stay updated on all things digital products! When it comes to building a passive income on Etsy, Kierra is among the top authorities women look to!

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