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17 Digital Products Ideas You Can Sell On Etsy This Fall

Digital Product Ideas
October 28, 2022•3 min read

Well we've made it this far into the week, yay!

My kids have been sick all week long so it feels like the days are just inching along, ya know? 😅

Lets get into some updates though

Tiktok strikes again 🤖

Idk if you guys remember a month or two ago 📆 when Tiktok bots went on a rampage suspending accounts for no reason - yeah it looks like they're back for round 2.

No account of any size seems to be safe 😳 so If you're someone who depends on TikTok traffic 🚗 I highly recommend creating a backup account now just in case ✅ ✅

➡️ My account is one of those ones being whacked right now so don't forget to follow my back up account just in case ❤️

📲 My backup account is linked here

Thx besties.

Fast Track Girl

The secret 🤫 to getting more views on TikTok right now

TikTok SEO.

Yup thats it.

(Watch my video about it here)

Here's a rundown of what it is:

✅ Use the exact phrases you want your video to show up in search for in your description (ie: for my account I use the phrase 'how to sell digital products on Etsy'

✅ Use specific keywords that your video topic is about in your captions, on screen text, and cover photo text

✅ Find the phrases people are searching for by typing in your topic in the search bar; you'll see suggestions people are searching for right there

Fast Track Girl

Another TikTok feature that ✨no one asked for✨

Gah I just love getting blind sighted by new features overnight 😵‍💫

Because TikTok has implemented SEO they are now suggesting other creators content on your videos 🙃

➡️ When people click on your comment section a recommended search will pop up, when they click it it will show them search results for all relevant videos.

Is this good? Is this bad? IDK how do we feel about this?

Fast Track Girl

Digital product ideas you can sell for the holiday season ğŸŽƒ ğŸŽ„ ❄️

💌 Digital greeting cards

🥳 Holiday SVGs

ğŸŽƒ Printable halloween cake topper

ğŸŽƒ Printable halloween decor

ğŸŽƒ Halloween cards/invites

ğŸŽ Printable Christmas gift tags

❄️ Winter bridal shower invites

❄️ Winter baby shower invites

🍁 Fall baby shower invites

🍁 Fall bridal shower invites

🦃 Thanksgiving coloring sheets

🦃 Thanksgiving backgrounds

ğŸŽ„ Digital Christmas pregnancy announcement

🍁 Digital Fall pregnancy announcement

ğŸŽ„ Christmas digital paper pack

ğŸŽ„ Printable Christmas ornaments

ğŸŽ„ Printable Christmas countdown

( To name a few!)

Design trends Etsy we are noticing for fall 🍁

This fall we are noticing some winning design trends 💅🏻

✅ Emerald green tones

✨ Art deco fonts

ğŸŽ¨ Pastels, alll the pastels

👵 Vintage graphics

👻 Ghost graphics

📆 Y2K themes/nostalgia

⭐️ Gradients

Check out my fav color hex codes here

and here

Fast Track Girl

Pinterest launches a new app!

Pinterest is rolling out a new app called SHUFFLES

📲 It's basically an app where you can create super cool collages (like the one above) from pretty much anything thats pinned to Pinterest.

👸 You can also gain followers on the shuffles app thats separate from your actual Pinterest account

Heres a video breakdown of what it is

Right now its invite only, but if you're in my course FB group people have shared their invite codes there :)

➡️➡️ Join the Fast Track To Passive Income Course with Private FB group access here

Fast Track Girl

This popped into my emails this morning ❤️

Hearing such amazing feedback from you guys literally makes my heart so happy! I was having the crappiest week 💩 and when I say this turned my mood around I mean it 🥰

Fast Track Girl

little pep talk from me ❤️❤️

➡️ If you're in the thick of doing the mom thing 🤰 and feel like you're watching everyone else succeed and knowing you could do it too but you feel so exhausted 😴 and burned out 🥱 by the end of the day 🌙 you just want to zone out and watch 4 hours of tv 📺. ...then this video is for you ❤️

Watch here

You got this!! Have a great week :)

The fast Track

Kierra, know as 'The Fast Track Girl' in her online communities; is helping women stay updated on all things digital products! When it comes to building a passive income on Etsy, Kierra is among the top authorities women look to!

Kierra Butcher | The Fast Track Girl

Kierra, know as 'The Fast Track Girl' in her online communities; is helping women stay updated on all things digital products! When it comes to building a passive income on Etsy, Kierra is among the top authorities women look to!

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